1. How do I create a gift registry?

2. Is the SM Gift Registry service free?

Yes! The SM Store's Gift Registry is a FREE service. Just register through the SM Gift Registry app or website for FREE. You may also visit your preferred The SM Store branch to register.

3. Do all The SM Store branches offer Gift Registry service?

Yes! Your guests can purchase gifts at all The SM Store branches nationwide except The SM Store Quiapo, San Fernando, Megacenter and Consolacion. You may choose nearest The SM Store Gift Registry from the list of branches provided upon registration.

4. Where can I create or access my gift registry?

You can create and access your gift registry through the following:

  1. The SM Store Gift Registry app, which may be downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play
  2. Website: https://thesmstoregiftregistry.com
  3. In-store with the help of the branch's Gift Registry Advisors (GRA)

5. I created my registry or wish list in-store. Can I access it online?

Yes! Your registry, event and/or wish list created in-store may be viewed online either through the The SM Store Gift Registry app or the website: https://thesmstoregiftregistry.com.

6. Can I add more items to my registry/wishlist?

Yes! Just check out the catalog using The SM Store Gift Registry app and add items to your wish list. You may also visit any The SM Store branch and a Gift Registry Advisor (GRA) will help you in adding items to your wish list.

7. What if my event date has changed or I want to change my shipping address or personal information, can I make changes even after I've registered my event?

Yes! You can conveniently change your event and/or delivery information through the "My Event" section of The SM Store Gift Registry app.

8. How do I share my registry and/or wish list to my guests?

There are various ways of sharing your event and wish list in The SM Store Gift Registry app. You may opt to share your registry via SMS, Viber, email or Facebook. Your guests will be prompted to login to your registry on our website or download the app to view your event and wish list, and purchase gifts and quantities desired.

9. Do I get a discount for items I wish to buy before or after my event date?

Yes! Registrants are entitled to a 10% discount on regular items upon presentation of Registrant discount card. This card may be claimed by the registrant at registered branch anytime until the event date, but the card is valid until 7 days after the event date.

10. Do my guests get a special discount when they buy the items I've listed?

Guests get to earn 2x SMAC points when they purchase gifts from your wishlist.

11. Do I get extra points from all my guests’ purchases?

Yes! You will get bonus SMAC points equivalent to points earned by guests’ purchases from your wishlist.

12. Do I get the list of who bought the items?

You may check list of gifts already purchased for you at the My Event section of the app.

13. Can I see the items that are not yet bought by my guests, even before the event?

Yes! We encourage registrants to check in weekly (or whenever available) to keep an eye on their registry, item availability and what has been purchased. All these information may be accessed online or through The SM Store Gift Registry app.

14. Can guests from other countries purchase gifts from my wish list / registry?

Yes! International and local customers/guests can purchase gifts from The SM Store Gift Registry app.

15. Can you deliver my gifts to my home? When will I receive my gifts?

Yes! You have the option to have the gifts delivered to your specified address on your preferred date or pick up the gifts from specified branch on your preferred date.

16. Can I return some of the gifts?

Yes. You can return the gift in exchange for another item, and this can be done by bringing the item and presenting the gift receipt at any The SM Store branch. Please see our returns policy for more information.

17. How long will my registry remain active for?

Your registry will remain active until the date and time of the registered event. Registry will automatically close after the specified date and time.

1. How can I purchase gifts for the celebrant?

Gifts can be purchased by guests online by going to the SM Gift Registry link shared by the gift registrant/celebrant. You may access wish list through the web or by downloading The SM Store Gift Registry app and create an account to check out or purchase gifts.

2. Can guests from other countries purchase gifts from SM Gift Registry?

Yes! International and local customers/guests can purchase gifts from The SM Store Gift Registry app.

3. How and when will the celebrant get the gift I purchased?

The registrant indicates their shipping preferences when they set up their gift registry. Gifts will either be delivered directly to the address specified by the registrant or will be picked up by registrant from preferred branch on specified date.

4. Is your gift packaging free?

Yes! The SM Store Gift Registry offers free gift-wrapping with no minimum purchase required.

5. Is a message included with my gift purchase?

Upon check out, guests have the option to include a special message for the celebrant. This will be printed and included with your gift.

6. How much is delivery or shipping fee?

Shipping or delivery fee is automatically computed upon check out. Delivery is FREE if specified location by registrant is within the 10-km free delivery limits, and if gift is purchased at least two days before the event. For delivery addresses that are beyond the (10-km) delivery limits of servicing branch, a minimal delivery fee of P200 will be charged upon checkout. Moreover, if the registrant opted to pick up gifts from the branch, no shipping fee will be charged to the guest.

7. What are the payment options?

The SM Store Gift Registry provides multiple payment options. You may pay online using debit or credit card, mobile wallets like Gcash and GrabPay, or pay-in-store.

8. What other perks will I get from purchasing gifts from SM Gift Registry?

Guests who are SMAC members get to earn 2x SMAC points when they purchase gifts from The SM Store Gift Registry.